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Volunteer Sign-Up

Homecoming Sign Up  -  Parents

If you are interested in helping out at the Sept 24 Homecoming Game handing out souvenirs or on Saturday Sept 25 at Homecoming Dance please click the link below to sign up. Thank you!!


Concessions Sign Up  - WHS Student Groups

Please click on the links below to sign up for concessions.

If you have any questions or have difficulty signing up, please contact Liz Sanders at

The Whitnall Falcon Booster Club is pleased to offer a fun and easy way for student groups, clubs, and sports at Whitnall High School to earn up to $200 for their program.

There is a change for the 2021/22 concessions season.  Boys Soccer & Boys Volleyball will be a concessions "lite" program.  No pizza or hotdogs and less than a 3 hour shift.  Only one advisor and 3 students are required to volunteer.  This will mean a $100 pay out instead of $200.  Ideal for smaller clubs or activities.

Here are the rules:
1. Any student group involved in the arts, academics or athletics at Whitnall High School is eligible to work up to two concessions dates throughout the year.

NOTE: A third date may be scheduled at the discretion of the WFBC board.

This does not prohibit groups from submitting for more funding request to the WFBC.

2. An adult student advisor, Coach or Group designated parent must be in attendance at all times. Failure to provide an adult for supervision will result in NO Fund 60 pay-out for the date worked. This is for the safety of the students
Depending on the concessions or event, 3 to 6 students must perform duties in food preparation, customer service, cash handling, clean up, or other activities as directed by the adult supervisor and WFBC and in accordance with the city health department regulations.  NOTE  - In accordance with health department regulation there can NEVER be a child 13 years old or younger in the concession stand.  


3. Per DWD state statute, in order for a minor (age 14 years or older) to participate in the Whitnall Falcon Booster Club (WFBC) Volunteer Program, they are required to obtain parental consent. WFBC will require one permission slip per school year per student engaged in volunteer activities. Download, print, and complete the permission slip.

4.  A WFBC will award profits up to $200 for each concessions date worked. Deposits will be made to the group's Fund 60 account at the end of the month. Dates are subject to change.

Whitnall Falcon Booster Club
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