Purchase your own Falcon yard painting to help celebrate all of our WHS students and show Whitnall School spirt during Homecoming week!


What is included?

Each regular purchase includes a blue and gold Falcon.  The Whitnall Cheer Team will come the week prior to Spirit week ( Sept 20-24) to paint all of the stencils!  You will be notified via email when your yard will be scheduled ot be painted.


Let's all come together and help celebrate our WHS students and show as much blue and gold pride as we can during Homecoming week!

Falcon Stencil Fundraiser

  • Stencils will be painted on yards during the week prior to Spirit Week. Due to permanency, grass and/or pallets will be the only location stencils will be applied. The paint being used is Rust Oleum Marking Line Spray Paint. Weather will naturally wear the paint away, or cutting grass will completely remove it. Neither the WHS Cheer Team nor the SKillUSA Squad  will be held accountable for removal of paint or any damage caused to grass.

Whitnall Falcon Booster Club